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How Top Designers Style BOBO Products


Raili Ca Design

A California native, Raili Clasen of RailiCA Design creates vibrant, airy spaces meant only for good vibes. Naturally, it felt right to incorporate our Wagner Dining Table to catch a break in this modern yet laid-back dining room. Navy blue mid-century dining chairs allow the table to feel like the traditional star in the room yet act as a balance to the light fixture, white walls, and otherwise airy minimal design of your typical California beach lifestyle. The natural shape of the table is a fun take on an otherwise overdone area of interior design right now. At 48” in diameter, it’s the perfect mix between function and style. Touching on the earthy west coast vibes, Raili incorporated a large palm leaves as natural décor as well as an oversized table tray to hold onto fresh produce while also serving as a focal piece on the bright white table. With a top honor from Modern Luxury magazine as 2018 “Best Interior Designer”, RailiCA Design projects can be seen in major publications such as Arch Digest, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, and more. 

View Featured Product: Wagner Dining Table, 48"
Credit: @raili_ca_design


Bria Hammel Interiors

Custom design doesn’t have to be fussy. That’s the mantra for every home that Principal Designer, Bria Hammel, adds her award-winning style to. Most of her work turns into an expression of the client’s needs as well as her clean and simple design style. When they decided to bring our expressive Jali Coffee Table into the mix, they managed to loop in eastern flair with relaxed blue hues. In turn they created a contemporary yet rustic living room without overcompensating. The geo print rug balances well off of the table without competing and serves as a focal point overall in the middle. While the room still remains fresh and light with the white walls and simple blue window treatments to compliment, the overarching goal of Bria Hammel Interiors was to give a busy family a tranquil living space to reconnect and destress. 

View Featured Product: Jali Coffee Table
Credit: @briahammelinteriors

_0007_kate marker interiors

Kate Marker Interiors

Chicago-based Kate Marker Interiors is renowned for taking on multi-room residential projects. Her aesthetic is one that encompasses her personal expertise while keeping the client wants top of line. This entry way posed a challenge of staying neutral without disappearing into the cream and gray tones present. With texture often at the forefront, she chose to utilize our Framed Bread Linen set to add subtle but strong décor in an understated entry way. The whitewashed flooring paired with the earthy and natural bench allow the dark colors of the art pieces to pop against the bare white walls. The wall art also manages to pull in some of the other slim dark elements through the other parts of the home and balance out the white, gray, and wood aesthetic in a way that feels minimal but is very intentional. The art is imperative to the entry and serves as a unique conversation starter at first glance. 

View Featured Product: Framed Bread Linens
Credit: @katemarkerinteriors

_0009_gigi kramer interior design

Gigi Kramer Interiors

When envisioning a dream kitchen for a home, it’s very easy to get hung up on neutral choices and foregoing color. Gigi Kramer brought a very pleasing blue into the mix when she decided to go all-white in every other aspect of this kitchen remodel. No stranger to statement design, our Industrial Pendants above the island not only bring light but also invite a glamourous feel to the overall look of the kitchen. The subtle gold addition also plays off of the various gold hardware throughout the design as well. The pendants are large and durable while also providing ample light in the kitchen should natural light not be available. They add warmth and balance to the clean and modern feel this homeowner desired to achieve in their home. This vision, coupled with Gigi Kramer’s love of hosting and entertaining, was executed to perfection. We can already envision a get together on a Friday night around this gorgeous island underneath a familiar glow. 

View Featured Product: Industrial Pendants
Credit: @gigikramerinteriors

_0004_bradley odom interior design

Bradley Odom Interior Design

Sophisticated and sultry are often imitated but rarely executed in a way that leaves you speechless. Bradley Odom Interior Design and their thoughtful use of our Goat on Reclaimed Metal piece for the wall behind the sofa. The room itself is centered around a deep green sofa amid black and cream pieces throughout but the wall art manages to act as a secondary focal point tying that black and white scheme together. The upscale design of the living room is thought of as ‘New Southern’ and while the walls cast an on-trend starkness the pieces that Bradley selected are cohesive and allow the client to feel right at home but the talk of the town with its uniqueness. The technique of color blocking is certainly a trend that we don’t see going away anytime soon. Bradley incorporated a few of the client’s existing pieces but also allowed room for new pieces in the home to shine against them. Bringing in something like our reclaimed art piece added a unique, whimsical touch mixed with a vintage look this designer loves to work with. 

View Featured Product: Art on Reclaimed Metal, Goat
Credit: Style Blueprint


Fletcher Rhodes Interior Design

Layered textures, cool beiges and blues, all are able to transport you to instant relaxation upon arrival. Most design in the bedroom looks to achieve this type of look and remain clean but functional for the client. Fletcher Rhodes utilized one of our upholstered headboards to encourage layering against a visually stunning wallpaper choice. The headboard is able to remain neutral against the busy wallpaper but also lets the bright white linens pop and calls attention to the buckled nightstand beside it, also a shade of beige. The tranquil blues are the necessary pop of color against the white bed linens and bring a very calming feel to the bedroom that the owner wanted to achieve. Staying neutral on large scale pieces doesn’t have to stay boring. Adding the necessary accessories like bedding and an interesting lamp allow the room to have a restorative personality for anyone that enters. 

View Featured Product: Upholstered Headboards
Credit: @fletcher.rhodes

_0001_katie bowe design

Katie Bowe Design

In a more commercial setting, our Antwerp Club chair presents itself as a focal point of texture and color. It’s cool, earthy tone and plush seating make it an excellent choice to place in a communal area like Broadstone Roosevelt Row Apartments’ main entry. Katie Bowe of Katie Bowe Design thoughtfully planned the apartment’s space by utilizing the casual nature of the brick wall and incorporating sophisticated elements like our club chair. By not over doing bright colors and going for a more laid-back earth tone palette, the pieces within the room can speak for themselves and balance off of each other. It’s a casual area that is elevated by simple texture and minimalist artwork. At first glance, it looks like a popular hangout spot to close out a busy week, a place to escape and grab Wi-Fi away from the home or simply a selling point to potential new residents. Katie Bowe Designs is located in Scottsdale, AZ and specializes in residential and commercial interior design. 

View Featured Product: Antwerp Club Chair
Credit: @katiebowedesign

_0003_janis evans interior design

Janis Evans Interior Design

Certain pieces can speak for themselves. An eye-catching chaise lounge will always present itself as a retreat from daily stress while providing functional comfort to a master bedroom or wherever it may be located. Our chaise lounge landed a starring role in Luxe Magazine’s July house tour thanks to Janis Evans Interior Design. With the master bedroom often being a personal and quiet area, Evans chose to place our chaise lounge to add an antique feel while maintaining a contemporary look overall. The entire home is designed around Argentinian influences. Light walls and Egyptian flooring compliment exposed beams throughout with statement focal points. Adding a chaise certainly elevates a master bedroom and serves as a functional piece to be enjoyed by many. 

View Featured Product: BOBO Chaise
Credit: Luxe Magazine

_0004_stanton home furnishings

Stanton Home Furnishings

Stanton Home Furnishings specializes in multiple facets of design work. The Atlanta-based company can do anything from furniture, custom upholstery, lighting and more. In addition to online and in-store shopping, they have interior design services available to multiple levels of clientele. We are fortunate to have our showstopper Elephant Coffee Table featured in a client’s pool house redesign. The pool house was updated with our coffee table serving as a dark focal among white planked walls, white furniture and sleek modern accents. The Elephant Coffee Table isn’t exclusive to outdoor use and can easily be brought indoors to give any room a rustic glam addition. The table is also quite functional in providing ample room to host large-scale accents or whatever you please. 

View Featured Product: Elephant Coffee Table
Credit: @stantonhomefurnishings

_0002_bhdm design

BHDM Design

Interior Design Magazine, Power Grid 50 and Best of Year winner BHDM Design is no stranger to design success and taking risks. With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles their scope of work goes beyond the norm and is often featured in Arch Digest and My Domaine to list a few. The Round Trestle Table featured here is perfectly accented by crisp white walls and unexpected additions. The various chairs that surround the table allow it to remain a constant and balance out their busy colors and styles. The idea of a solid but modern table coupled with fun chairs that speak for themselves allows the room to remain playful but elegant at the same time with multiple textures and styles being represented. Our Round Trestle Table is a sturdy addition to a kitchen or any room and is built to a high standard to last for years to come. 

View Featured Product: Round Trestle Table
Credit: @BHDMdesign

_0007_iron cathedral mirrors

TEW Design Studio

Mirrors are a must in any room. Award winning Tew Design Studio utilized two of our Iron Cathedral Mirrors to accent a dining room wall. The residential design is very modern with a unique light fixture bouncing off of the mirrors and providing much interest in the room. In addition to bringing in heaps of natural light, our mirrors provide an excellent focal point to the room and take up the necessary wall space just right. Pairing with the light blue hues and rich golden colors of the room the mirrors blend right into the openness with circular and grid-like patterns. Tew Design Studio is a Raleigh, NC based firm specializing in small home renovations to large commercial design and have been featured in multiple high-end design magazines. 

View Featured Product: Cathedral Mirror, Iron
Credit: @tewdesignstudio


Studio Aubergine Interior Design

Green with envy. This moody music room design by Studio Aubergine captures masculine elements along with dark, transitional style. Two of our large Mid-Century Sconces adorn the wall above the deep green sofa. The light they provide is sultry and smooth and keep the vibe of the room music driven without overwhelming the inhabitant with stark lighting. A welcome break from the usual white walls we are seeing trend, the greens and deep accents bring the room much needed elegance. Studio Aubergine takes to heart the unique find and we are happy they chose our sconces to accent the stylish music room this client envisioned. Studio Aubergine has been featured in Arch Digest, East Coast Home + Design and much more. 

View Featured Product: Mid Century Sconce, Large
Credit: @studioaubergine

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