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+ I would like to open an account. How do I proceed?
Please fill out our registration form here and submit the required documents. Once your account is approved, you will receive an email to set your password. The opening order for new accounts is $1,500. There is no subsequent minimum for reorders.
+ Help! I'm unable to log in!
Make sure you have filled out our registration form and have received an email to set your password. The old pricelist password will not work. If you have filled out the registration form and haven't received an approval email, please contact us and we'll set you up as soon as possible.
+ I need to know pricing and stock availability on an item
Our website displays stock stock availability and pricing to logged in users. Please log in once your online account has been approved.
+ I'm an existing customer, do i need to make an online account? What about minimums?
If you are an existing customer, you still need to fill out our registration form. We review before we approve and only apply minimums to customers who have never placed an order with us.
+ My credit card has been declined, I keep getting this "Duplicate order" error
Our website has a built in fraud protection measure that prevents multiple transactions on the same order during the same session. In many cases, your first attempt may have been declined due to an incorrect postal code, phone number, or security code. If your transaction is declined, you can simply close your browser, re-open it, and begin your purchase again. Please pay close attention to the “billing address” information when you process the transaction a second time. If you continue to have problems, please contact us as your order will likely have been stored in our system and we can process the charge manually for you.
+ Shipping is so high, what's going on?
Please note, your cart total is only pre-authorized and shipping is an estimate. You will be charged actual shipping and only for in stock items once your order has been processed.

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How to Find Us

BOBO Intriguing Objects
5345 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW Suite B
Atlanta GA 30336

P: 404.355.2309
Coming from Atlanta, take I-20 West. Take exit 49 to Fulton Industrial Blvd/Fulton Co Airport. Turn left onto Fulton Industrial Blvd. After about 3 miles, turn right on to Bucknell Drive SW, then turn right on to Bucknell CT. At cul de sac, make a slight right and follow until you reach the stop sign. Turn right. BOBO is in suite B.