Featuring Art By Chris Coleman this HPMKT

Chris Coleman lives a full life as a husband, father, musician, photographer, and painter.  His journey as an artist first brought him from his roots in Georgia to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams in 2002.  He joined rock band Luna Halo for an extensive tour, and soon added traveling the world playing music with wife Holly Williams, and with the Kings of Leon.


Inspired by his travels, he began pointing his camera to share adventures with fans, and along the way sharpened his keen and artistic eye. Yearning for more, Chris started feverishly painting.  His simple images depict deeper stories, anchored by love of history and the Old West.  On paper with black paint and sometimes red, a brush and his finger, he creates powerful images that evoke strong emotions from the viewer, a longing for what was or what might have been. The imagery is not merely expressive and lively but spiritual and poetic, too.


One collector describes his work as “minimalist style that doesn’t dictate the story but rather beautifully allows it.”  Working rapidly in a kind of stream of consciousness style, Chris produces works that evoke a feeling of permanence and curiosity. His work hangs beautifully in a variety of interiors, never feeling too much like "one" style. All one-of-a-kind pieces, Chris works from his studio in Nashville, Tennessee and is getting more comfortable with the unintended notoriety his work continues to bring.  

We will be featuring 30 original artworks from Chris Coleman this July 2019 Atlanta Market.

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