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Our Story





Vintage is really where my heart beats. When I go to a new barn and someone opens those doors, my heart jumps. An antique dealer at heart, I love the hunt, the stories and the people. I hold a particular fondness for circus paraphernalia, motorcycles and my collection of religious Santos.

BoBo Team

Channon Hunter Stylist

My greatest passion is my antique shop. I love both the hunting and styling. Fishing, gardening, being outdoors and playing with my chickens are my other great joys. At BOBO, I bring order to the chaos in our ever-evolving BOBO and antique showrooms. My friends consider me to be a bit of a vintage clothes junky.

Favorite product:
2 Door Bakery Cabinet

Matthew Davis Key Accounts/Tradeshow Manager

When not traveling about as the BOBO tradeshow manager, my time is most often spent watching movies, visiting museums or sharing a meal with family and friends. I’m an art history buff including but not limited to world religions…everything from antiquity to modern religions. Don’t even get me started on the myths and legends of Egypt, Greece, Rome and Babylonian. Be still my heart.

Favorite product:
BOBO Upholstery

Brittney Gaither Customer Service Lead

Some city folks consider me a “country girl”…I do love the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking and working in my yard. I’m most relaxed near a body of water and I cherish my time with my two girls. The rest of my days are spent granting customers’ wishes and saving the world one intriguing object at a time.

Favorite product:
Wright Turning Bookcase

Lalo Casanova Website, Marketing, Photography

Most of the time I can be found tucked behind my computer screen (fruit cup by my side) solving the world’s IT challenges. I am a lover of all mediums of art and instrumental music. Cloudy days make my heart shine brightest. I find that my greatest perspective is through the lens of my camera.

Favorite product:
Marengo Horse Collection

Karen Haan Accounting

After 20 years of accounting and 10 years as a small business owner, I wanted a career change. Furniture has been my passion since I was a little girl scouring the pages of design magazines. 7 years ago, I took my first job in the furniture industry and I haven’t looked back. I’m a vegetarian (25 years and counting), a rescuer of animals and a drinker of margaritas.

Favorite product:
Nicky Chairs


Mark Sage, Founder & Creative Director, started BOBO Intriguing Objects in 2005 after being an antique dealer for 14 years.

BOBO is unique in its design direction in that we design all of our product line directly from antique pieces, meticulously reworking each piece to bring it forward to today's design aesthetic.

Working with factories in Belgium, Vietnam, China, India, Brazil & Nicaragua;
BOBO creates unique pieces, both well crafted and beautiful.